Sales proposal template

Sales proposal template is a sample document that shows the ideas and offerings of sellers to the potential buyers. A well thought sample sales proposal can help sales professionals to achieve their sales targets and objectives.


Sales Proposal Format

Sales proposal need to consider your competitive advantages. Business managers tend to feel that their product or service is so superior that competition won’t be significant. Underestimating the competition can be fatal. Competitors that are well established and prospering are doing so for very good reasons, and it is up to you to determine those reasons. In your sales proposal, it is important to show your competitive advantage over others.

Sales proposal need to understand the buying decision and the concerns of the potential buyers. Individuals often purchase benefits rather than specific products or services. They buy convenience, status, and savings of time or money. For business, the buying decision may be complicated, it is important to understand their key requirement and concerns.

Sales Proposal Template

There are free proposal template you can download, however, you may design your own sample proposal for your own needs. In the process of creating your own sales proposal template, you need to consider the proposal format, proposal style and key sections.

The first key section in sales proposal sample is company introduction and competitive advantages. In the section, you need to show the company background and key advantages. For example, Company name:____; Mission Statement:____; Services or Products Provided:____: Office Location:____; Contact Details:___; Project Team:___; The key competitive advantage of our company:______; The benefits bring to your company:_____.

The second key section in sales proposal template is identification of buyers needs and your solution. In the section, you need to identify the needs of your target buyers and project scope. For example: There are general requirements:____; Technical requirements:____; Timeline Requirements:____; Cost Requirements:___. After the analysis of the project and situation, We have proposed the following solutions:____.

The last key section in sales proposal example is implementation plan and budget. In the section, you need to give details of your implementation plan and cost proposal. For example, The Implementation plan is scheduled as follows:____; Based on the analysis of your needs and scope, we have estimated the total cost at:____; The cost breakdown is:____.