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essentially, a service offering helps to package the services you offer in an attractive way that makes it easy for customers to understand what they are getting for their money. it also helps to ensure that companies are profitable when they do a job for a customer. having a variety of different service packages can help to make sure that your customers understand what services are being offered in a package. what people come to you for most is what they are going to want to see in a service offering. remember that price is an important part of building a service offer.

you want to properly estimate how much time it is going to take you to complete a service. note: multiply what you charge for a service by how much time on average you spend on service in order to get an estimated cost of your service offering. from here put a dollar value next to all the additional services you offer. find the total cost: add together the services you charge multiplied by your hourly or session rate with how much behind the scenes work and additional services you provide multiplied by your hourly rate for this work. clients like to see that your services will continue for the same price from month-to-month. creating a service offering is so important because it helps outline what services you are going to provide your clients with.

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many of the management tools and techniques used in service businesses were designed to tackle the challenges of product companies. just like a product that’s going to market, a service needs to be compellingly designed, and management must field a workforce capable of producing it at an attractive price. a close look at successful service businesses—walmart, commerce bank, the cleveland clinic, and others—reveals that effective integration of the four elements is key. all successful firms must design a compelling offering and manage the workforce to deliver it at an attractive price. but service firms must do even more: deal with the frustrating fact that their customers can wreak havoc on service quality and costs. get these elements pulling together, and none of them can pull your business apart—as service stars like wal-mart, commerce bank, and cleveland clinic have discovered firsthand.

identify what you’ll do to deliver that excellence—and what you won’t do. example:  commerce bank decided to serve customers who prized pleasant, face-to-face service and convenience. think about how you’ll pay for the increased cost of the excellence you’re seeking to provide through your service offering. for instance, it uses simple recruiting criteria, such as “does this person smile in a resting state?” and it encourages employees to recruit people they see providing great customer service in other industries. then design your service specifically to foster those behaviors. moreover, the stores expect shoppers to shoulder responsibility for fraud prevention by weighing bags during checkout. but many of the management tools and techniques that service managers use were designed to tackle the challenges of product companies.

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