shingrix adverse reaction reporting

by clicking this link, you will be taken to a website that is independent from gsk. the site you are linking to is not controlled or endorsed by gsk, and gsk is not responsible for the content provided on that site. the majority of solicited adverse reactions were mild to moderate (grade 1 or 2). median duration of the above solicited adverse reactions was 2 to 3 days.1-3 the safety of shingrix was evaluated by pooling data from 2 placebo-controlled clinical trials involving 29,305 subjects aged 50 years and older who received at least 1 dose of shingrix (n=14,645) or placebo (saline solution) (n=14,660) administered according to a 0- and 2-month schedule. these populations represented the modified total vaccinated cohort, defined as patients who received 2 doses (0 and 2 months) of either shingrix or placebo and did not develop a confirmed case of herpes zoster within 1 month after the second dose.1,7 see study designs on the efficacy page for details. efficacy of the herpes zoster subunit vaccine in adults 70 years of age or older. n engl j med. efficacy of an adjuvanted herpes zoster subunit vaccine in older adults.

n engl j med. varicella–zoster vaccine for the prevention of herpes zoster. n engl j med. prevention of herpes zoster: recommendations of the advisory committee on immunization practices (acip). immune senescence and vaccines to prevent herpes zoster in older persons. study 113077 (nct01165229). study entry at: you are encouraged to report vaccine adverse events to the us department of health and human services. visit to file a report, or call 1-800-822-7967. this website is funded and developed by gsk. ©2022 gsk or licensor.

after licensure, cdc and fda began safety monitoring of rzv in the vaccine adverse event reporting system (vaers) (3). findings from early monitoring of rzv are consistent with the safety profile observed in prelicensure clinical trials. reported signs and symptoms were similar whether rzv was administered alone or in combination with other vaccines.

no adverse events reported for rzv were disproportionate to adverse event reporting patterns observed for other vaccines in the vaers database. because dose number in series (i.e., first or second) is not consistently reported in vaers, the number of reports representing a person’s first or second exposure to rzv is unknown. ¶ fifteen of 26 reports of rzv given to patients aged <50 years were not coded with a meddra preferred term for an inappropriate age error, but age at vaccination of <50 years was documented on the vaers form; these 15 reports could therefore represent clinical decisions to use the vaccine off-label rather than a practice error. use of trade names and commercial sources is for identification only and does not imply endorsement by the u.s. department of health and human services.

you are encouraged to report vaccine adverse events to the us department of health and human services. visit .gov to file a report, or call 1-800- in prelicensure clinical trials, 85% of 6,773 vaccinated study participants reported local or systemic reactions after receiving rzv, with report an adverse event using the vaers online form or the downloadable pdf. new! important: if you are experiencing a medical emergency, seek immediate, .

if you experience side effects from shingrix, you should report them to the vaccine adverse event reporting system (vaers). your doctor might file this report, or you can do it yourself through the vaers website , or by calling 1-800-822-7967. grade 3 solicited general adverse reactions (headache, shivering, myalgia, and fatigue) were reported more frequently by subjects after dose 2 (2.3%, 3%, 4%, these adverse effects are consistent with clinical studies of shingrix. other commonly reported adverse effects included chills, fatigue, thirty-eight percent experienced redness and 25.9% experienced swelling. other adverse reactions include muscle pain in 44.7% of recipients, fatigue in 44.5% of, .

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