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for some new bookkeeping firms, it takes a bit of hustling to get the first or second client. there is an initial introductory cover letter, an outline of the services to be rendered, a pricing quote, and a place for the client’s signature to indicate acceptance of the proposal. thank you for the opportunity to bid on your bookkeeping work. the initial setup includes the preparation of your general ledger and a review of expense accounts. there’s no reason for you to reinvent the wheel when it comes to business proposal templates.

the letter should include the reasons you and your firm are the best fit for servicing their bookkeeping needs. if you are taking over the entire bookkeeping function for the company, you should mention you will be responsive, and they will have no worries when it comes to their bookkeeping. all services included in your initial setup or regular monthly services should be carefully outlined to prevent misunderstanding. once you’ve set up the client in all of your bookkeeping and bookkeeping workflow systems, the ongoing work will take considerably less time than the initial setup and should be priced accordingly. for example, if you have agreed to have the bank reconciled by the 5th of the month, note that timeframe in the bookkeeping proposal. with a free 14-day trial, you can try the robust workflow management system for your team with no risk.

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this proposal template allows you to customize each part of it, for your clients in a matter of minutes. this section in your proposal will clearly outline the time you will require to deliver accounting services service to your prospective client. use this free proposal template to get the reactions like, “wow”, “cool”, “these guys are impressive”  get your  proposal in front of your prospects quickly so that you don’t lose the next business. pick this ready to use polished proposal template and outrank your competitors. architecture firms can use this free proposal template to pitch their architectural services, expertise, experience and convince their prospects to sign the deal.

it services firms and it consulting companies can use this free proposal template to pitch their it services, consulting expertise and convince their prospects to sign the deal. this branding proposal template can help you convince your client to seal the deal with you. website development agencies can use this free proposal template to pitch their website design services and convince their prospects to close more deals. pitch your ppc services, terms of services, offer customise quote along with online signature to close the deal. you have lot more flexibility and superior control how your proposal is going to look like.

accounting is one of the most critical functional areas in any business, making proper bookkeeping can outsource the service from a company with the industry expertise and qualifications necessary to handle [company name]. our attention to detail and tremendous dedication to satisfying our customers are two of the biggest reasons you should consider capitalizing on our services.apart from simply understanding accounting principles and how to carry out our processes, we take the time to learn about the industry you are a part of, assuming we have yet to serve clients within the niche. this will help us better understand the flow of payment requisitions, payments, and, we never leave anything to chance.

therefore, we take the time to carry out the necessary validations to avoid putting your company at risk. one of the incredible things about the niche we’re a part of is the extent to which we are often required to develop solutions that will specifically address the challenges that customers may face.for example, a unique situation at a managed it service provider (msp) saw accounting and the technical teams having a very disjointed relationship that led to improper pricing in many cases.from our years of experience working with intuit quickbooks, we know that it features a host of integrations with different programs, some of which are help desk systems that an msp may benefit from.though the company wasn’t using one of those solutions, we recommended connectwise, which has a quickbooks integration that would allow billing data based on ticket work efforts to be captured and automatically pulled into the platform.with that completed, the discrepancies often arising from the previous silo operation were almost eliminated.another example of a solution we’re proud of was one we delivered to a canned food manufacturer. we offer about anything you would expect from a company that will virtually handle your bookkeeping and other accounting needs. with that out of the way, we will provide you with a quotation based on the combination of services requested or lack can then confirm your request, fill out our required forms, and let us know the desired start date.

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