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writing and submitting proposals isn’t the most exciting part of marketing and the last thing you want to do is spend your valuable time writing proposals. prove to your prospective client that you know what they need, and you will get the job. your problem statement addresses this issue and explains to the client that you know what they need. now take that idea and turn it into a winning solution by describing not just your ‘services’, but the cause and effect of your services on the clients business. instead, you have to outline the benefits of your specific services so that you can sell those services. outlining the results and benefits of your solution separates you from your competitors, and it gives clients a tangible reason to hire you.

the first is that it’s not complicated, you don’t have to be a financial whiz to understand what you get for the money. now that you know the essential elements of a proposal and what they contain, let’s put them together to create the basic structure you’ll need for templates. that’s why you want a company like {my_company} to worry about all the details of making a great impression with your customers. {my_company} will operate all social media platforms in a unified voice that reflects {client_name}’s unique brand, and will deliver a weekly performance report to {client_name} at the beginning of each consulting session. {my_company} will deliver a weekly performance report to {client_name} and recommend new strategies to increase roi at the beginning of each consulting session. regardless of the place of signing of this agreement, {client_name} agrees that for purposes of venue, this contract was entered into in [state] and any dispute will be litigated or arbitrated in [state].

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jordan loftis is the founder & head of manuscript at story chorus. he loves the nitty-gritty on topics like video marketing, copywriting, and waffle making—the latter being most key to his work. when not creating content or breakfast food, he likes to mountain bike, play music, and travel with his family. building a strong marketing team isn’t easy. a key part of sorting out marketing candidates starts with asking the right interview questions. in this post, you can find a list […] coschedule has hosted many demos with sprout social customers looking to migrate away from sprout social due to recent price increases. but finding the right replacement can be overwhelming. coschedule […] you may believe that spending time organizing takes time away from getting work done. the thinking goes that if one focuses on the work itself, everything else can be set […]

to make your plan’s creation easier, we’ve put together a list of what to include in your plan and a few different planning templates where you can easily fill in the blanks. ultimately, this element of your marketing plan will help you describe the industry you’re selling to and your buyer persona. in your market research, you should consider your competition, what they do well, and where the gaps are that you can potentially fill. use the marketing channels section of your marketing plan to map out which social networks you want to launch a business page on, what you’ll use this social network for, and how you’ll measure your success on this network. since all types of marketing software usually need a generous investment from your company’s leadership, it’s essential to connect them to a potential roi for your business. this means that all your goals should be specific and include a time frame for which you want to complete them.

now that you know how to create your marketing plan, let’s dive into creating a marketing campaign outline that will help you reach the goals outlined plan. you can include a brief overview of your industry and buyer personas. this is an overview of the money you’ll spend to help you meet your marketing goals. with this spreadsheet, all you need to do is plug in your numbers and the formulas will do the works for you. this will outline the social media goals, the scope of the work, and the tactics that you plan to implement. the best way to set up your marketing plan for the year is to start with quick wins first, that way you can ramp up fast and set yourself (and your team) up to hit more challenging goals and take on more sophisticated projects by q4.

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