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or a new client could want an in-depth look at why you’re the right business for the job. or take your proposals to the next step. if you haven’t had a conversation with the prospective client yet, now’s the time to do it. or there may be issues with the project that the rfp doesn’t account for and need to be included in the rfp and discussed with the potential client. gather your team (if you have one) and figure out the steps you’d require to reach the end goal and in what order they need to be done.

if your solution is time-consuming and/or expensive, you need to go back to the drawing board. be sure to focus on the company’s goals and problems, not on your business. the prospective client want to know how you can solve their problems, not generally how great your business is. ask one of your team members to check the proposal for all the above criteria. then jump to the section below to learn about what specific elements are usually included in a business proposal. to write a good business proposal (also known as a “project proposal”), inc. suggests you consider the five following tips:

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after you’ve downloaded our free template above, you can now customize it according to your business needs as you follow the steps to writing a proposal below: the first step in learning how to write a business proposal is knowing what needs to be included. you can utilize the sales documents feature to store, share, and customize templates and materials you’ll need for your proposals. add that to your total cost ($80,809 + $16,162), and $96,971 is the flat fee you will charge for the installation job. add your logo to the front and the contact information for the primary point of contact for your business so they can contact you with further questions. for this section, take the price calculation you did in step four and present it to the potential customer.

a conclusion should express your gratitude for the opportunity and explain the next steps to move forward. now that your proposal is drafted, edited, and has the aesthetics it needs, it’s time to send the document for review. the first thing to do when learning how to do a business proposal is to outline all the major sections of your document. for instance, if your company sells baby clothes, it is best to use language that parents with babies can relate to, like “cute and cuddly” or “snug and comfy.” use a more formal tone of voice in your proposal if you are selling office wear. sign up to receive more well-researched small business articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you.

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