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the best way to find a mutually beneficial sponsorship arrangement is to describe what you can do for each other in a business proposal. and you don’t have to start off with a blank page on your computer, either. the first step in creating your proposal should be to collect information about the potential sponsoring company so that you can present a proposal that is tailored to that sponsor. the title page is precisely that: a page with a title that introduces your tailored proposal and sends a clear message about the endeavor you are seeking sponsorship for.

after your cover letter and title page, add topic pages to describe the endeavor you are seeking sponsorship for, as well as what support is needed and why. after you have all the writing done, it’s time to focus on making your proposal visually appealing by adding some color and graphics. as you can see, the content of a sponsorship proposal will vary, depending on the endeavor and the organizations involved. proposal pack also contains sample sponsorship proposals that will give you great ideas and help you get a jump start on writing your own winning proposal.

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when you need to reach a fundraising milestone or raise awareness for your cause with a new audience, corporate sponsorship—whether financial contributions or in-kind donations—can be the perfect stepping stone to get you there. corporate sponsors don’t just say yes to every opportunity though, so you need to convince them that your nonprofit is the right recipient for their support in a mutually beneficial partnership. your letter should mention the following details: your proposal letter doesn’t have to be long—especially if it’s part of a larger event sponsorship proposal. sponsorship proposals let you communicate your goals, what’s involved, why an organization should become a sponsor, and how to do it.

many organizations forget this step, but sending a personalized thank you letter is a powerful way to express your gratitude and start the relationship in a positive way. match the formality of your thank you letter to the sponsorship agreement and your relationship with the recipient. learn how to make an annual fundraising plan for your nonprofit, and set yourself up for success in the new year with a free fundraising template. learn more about workplace giving campaigns, how they work, and how your nonprofit can get involved with local businesses to become a go-to charitable cause for their employees.

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add video and rich-media directly into your proposal pages for a more immersive sales presentation that’s sure to make an impact. mention team members to bring them into a proposal, or re-assign ownership when you need to handoff the proposal to another teammate. it’s a great way for businesses to promote their values and be charitable while getting their name out there and boosting their sales at the same time. check out an employer sponsorship letter sample here on for a great example of how to ask. if the company is not already familiar with your organization, you’ll need to give a brief overview of what you do.

if you have the opportunity to give a visual presentation, you may want to check out our template for a sponsorship proposal in ppt format. the best event sponsorship proposal templates allow for any of these requests, making it easy to customize the sponsorship request letter for your event in pdf format. regardless of your event type, you can find the best proposal for event sponsorship letter sample right here on our website. if you have the chance to make your request as a powerpoint presentation in person, look at our event sponsorship proposal in ppt format. if you’re looking for this type of sponsorship you need to learn how to write a sponsorship letter for education. likewise, if you’re looking for sponsorship for your educational event, you’ll need to explain the type of event and how sponsoring it can be beneficial to the company.