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for example, snow removal contractors need to consider overhead costs, the depth and area of the snow, amount of time the job will take, location of the snow, effort involved, and which devices are necessary for the job — just to name a few. before placing a bid for snow removal, it’s important to factor in everything necessary from your end, from how competitive your market and area are and their snow plow rates to what the base cost would be to ensure you make a profit from the jobs. for most companies “per push” is a one snow event thing — you’re charging for the number of times you come to clear the area and each time you come in it’s considered a push. it would be wise to consider the weather in your area before estimating the per visit prices of any snow removal project. our snow removal software is an absolute must-have for managing a snow removal business, whether you’re new to the game and want to stay organized and in control of your business, or if you’re already a seasoned snow removal professional that just wants to keep it simple and easy for yourself by improving efficiency and revenue.

it’s the bread and butter of the snow removal contractors, not to mention the easiest and quickest way for you to make a profit. snow plowing a residential driveway is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a profit in the snow removal business. you can also charge for roof snow removal by the hour, between $50 and $100 depending on the size and the amount of snow, as well as whether or not ice needs to be removed. when using a formula to calculate your price for snow removal, remember to keep in mind the average cost of snow removal in your area based on how much other professional snow removal companies are charging. we’ve also included a package of free snow removal estimate templates you can use to structure your estimates.

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24 january 2024 snow removal equipment the montana department of transportation is seeking to purchase one (1) new, unused snowplow. snow removal services rfp number: 24-6040-01 start date: 1/29/2024 10:00 am close date: 3/5/2024 10:00 am the village of oswego will be accepting sealed bids for landscape maintenance services until march 5, 2024, at 10:00 am local time.

project title: snow removal services proposal no. 1161577 – ride on bus stop maintenance & snow removal services postdate:- 01/26/2024 responsedate:- 02/26/2024 11:00 am est solicitation number:- 1161577 to solicitation details & future business opportunities. the resulting contract is to provide the management, supervision, labor, equipment, materials, supplies and tools necessary to perform the ride on bus stop/shelter maintenance and snow ice removal services in accordance with the scope or work as outlined herein.

depending on your local competitors and resource availability, establishing a profitable one-person snow removal operation can be quite the challenge. insurance – this is a critical necessity in the snow removal industry. it will also help you determine which pricing options are ideal for both you and your customers, but we’ll cover that in a later section of this article. this will provide you with a solid foundation for your services. this site is a useful tool that you can use to research the typical price in your zip code.

with the former questions in mind, take a look at the options below and consider which might be best for you and your customers. you can charge based on the total snowfall in inches per storm, or you can set a specific rate per inch for whatever you push throughout an event. your contract can agree to push at the stated rate until a certain amount of snow or snow events has occurred, after which a new rate will be triggered. if you bite off more than you can handle or underbid the job to get the contract without properly accounting for costs, you can wind up in a world of hurt. which will bring in the most income and allow you to provide the best care for your customer base? it’s a difficult trade, but a profitable one, and you can make your company a successful one by staying consistent and asking the right questions.

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in the snow removal business, there are two main types of bids to make when vying for a job – push and season. working with many companies to streamline this tool, we have come to learn the benefits and disadvantages of push and season bids. setting your bid per push gives you a massive benefit if the snowfall is heavy during a particular winter season. the fix: if you choose to bid per push, have a backup plan. this measures cost by inches of snow, or the number of visits during a single snowfall. in other words, it doesn’t matter if your team has to clear a parking lot three times in a night, or five times in a night, the cost for your customer is the same.

if there’s a snowstorm lasting two days and two nights, your client is charged for both days if you need to plow continuously. this is beneficial for you as a snow removal company because you’re more likely to win a bid. as you determine the winner between push and seasonal bidding for your company, be sure to factor in the cost of materials, equipment, and gas. this is a personal question, and the answer will differ depending on your client count, and where you live. similarly, if you have a large number of clients, charging per season could bring in more than enough to earn some good money this winter. you may find that some push bids and some seasonal bids give you the best potential for a lucrative season in snow removal. whether you choose to make push bids, season bids, or both, arborgold has the snow removal business software to help you create reliable and realistic estimates every time.

the scope of work includes, but is not limited to, on-call and 24/7 emergency snow and ice removal services. there is a mandatory conference call for this procurement. all bidders must attend this conference call if they wish to submit a bid. please refer to ifb, page 7, section 13.a. the house manager/program manager or designee has the right to call for additional service as deemed necessary for safety concerns.

contractors must use sufficient size plows and have commercial quality salt/sand/calcium chloride spreading equipment to remove snow and ice from the driveways and parking lots at the locations. all bidders must submit at least three (3) work references that will verify that the bidder or its principals have at least two (2) years of relevant experience to complete the work as listed in qualifications and scope of work. contract(s) will be awarded to the responsible and responsive bidder(s), who attended the mandatory conference call, that provide the lowest total cost per season for each group. the blank contract template is for reference only. please review the document, familiarize yourself with the language and set up, but do not submit the blank contract template with your bid. if you have any questions, you can contact: if you are currently not interested, kindly complete the ifb no-bid form which is the last page of the invitation for bid.