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a problem and solution statement is a concise summary of the main issue that your proposal aims to address and the proposed solution that you offer. the first step is to identify the problem that your proposal is trying to solve. use facts, figures, examples, or testimonials to back up your claims and show the magnitude and impact of the problem. you need to show that you have done your research and that you understand the problem from different perspectives and angles. use logic, reasoning, and criteria to evaluate and compare the options and show the gaps or weaknesses that your proposal can fill. the third step is to present the solution that your proposal offers to the problem.

you need to be specific, clear, and relevant to your audience. utilize concrete data, examples, testimonials, or figures to validate your claims, showcasing the tangible value and efficacy of your solution. the fourth and final step is to justify the solution and convince your audience that your proposal is the best option among the alternatives. use logic, reasoning, and criteria to support and defend your solution and show why it deserves to be accepted and implemented. have data to support your position. first of all, when writing a problem and solution statement for a proposal, start by clearly stating the problem or challenge you aim to address.

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remember that the one solution you’re proposing may not seem obvious or feasible to the decision-makers to whom the proposal is addressed, so it’s good strategy on your part to show that you’ve considered many possibilities before choosing one. based on these criteria, you can then write 1-2 paragraphs of possible solutions before getting to your proposed solution. indicate how your proposed solution will solve the problem and provide tangible benefits. specifically, explain how it will meet the objectives and abide by the constrains outlined in the problem definition.

also use your criteria, developed as you considered possible solutions, to anlayze your proposed solution against the other possible solutions. for example, with the situation of the increase in homeless in a small city, your proposed solution is to provide a free lunch program to reduce homeless population on the streets during peak business hours. this solution would cut down on the homeless approaching local and visiting pedestrians and provide an additional service to the homeless population. you would analyze and explain how this proposed solution is better than the other options in terms of your criteria, and provide details and evidence that support this assertion. remember that your proposed solution is the heart of your proposal.

when delivering a sales proposal, the right solution description will ensure that your client receives the right information to understand your value proposition—and to select you as their vendor. the information in the solution description should complement and strengthen the information in other sections of your proposal. for example, your proposal’s executive summary introduces your solution in terms of your client’s vision and the potential benefits that your solution offers. the solution description provides an opportunity to logically present all these components and to help the client understand how your solution will address their needs and meet their goals. the length of your solution description will depend upon the complexity of your solution (perhaps 1 to 2 pages for each product and service component).

then, if more detail is requested, you can provide it in the relevant proposal sections. when you present your solution, tailor it to your client’s vision and the benefits your solution will provide. ditch all the information about products, services, features, and benefits that are not relevant to your client’s objectives. finally, you should present your solution description in a way that’s easy to read and understand. to learn how you can personalize and customize your solution descriptions for each client, contact us to see the benefits of automating your rfp responses and sales proposals.

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a problem-solution essay is a type of argument, it’s an essay where students analyze and write about a topic by identifying and explaining a problem proposing one or more solutions to the problem, and trying to convince the reader to take a specific approach. create a problem-solution pattern that will divide your writing process into two parts – one will represent the problem and another – the solution, and focus on trying to change the reader’s opinion or behavior. that you think you belong to and the problems they have; generate a list of the problems and think of solutions that didn’t work or those that could be improved. in the introduction, it’s essential to define the issue first and present your solution or hint at the solution in a thesis. ask a thesis question and propose a valid solution idea you think is the most suitable clearly in one solution sentence that would lead to the body of the essay. the body of your paper will conclude with three or more paragraphs in which you need to explain the solution of the problem and how it will be solved in detail.

deciding on the best solution is an important part of writing your paper. try to prove that the solution you offer will solve the problem in the best possible way; and that it is reasonable, cost-effective, sustainable, reliable, and better than other solutions. when writing a conclusion of one or more problem solution paragraphs, mention the negative sides of other solutions, try to back up your argument with facts, and convince the reader that your solution is the best by describing benefits and how the situation will be changed if the plan is supported. what values do you have regarding the issue? what motivates the audience and how effectively it can be appealed to in your paper? check if an accurate description of a situation was provided which is helpful for the readers to comprehend the issue.

solutioning is figuring out what to offer the customer to solve their problem or address their need. sometimes the customer tells you exactly what you should propose. even if you think you know what should be offered, it might be a good idea to involve the stakeholders. figuring out your solution or what you plan to offer by writing about it is not only bad engineering, it’s a recipe for proposal disaster. this means that once you think you have a solution, you should have it reviewed to make sure it’s what the company thinks will win and is what it wants to propose. or it can be thought of as a business process improvement effort. proposal writing can start when you know enough about the components of your offering to describe them and you have validated that you have the right solution components.

a big part of proposal content planning is figuring it all out and the relationships between everything before you start writing. even when a sme is also doing proposal writing, the solution needs to be validated before writing starts in order to avoid unnecessary and risky writing and review iterations. if you’ve lived through a proposal delivered in the final minutes there’s a good chance it was because solutioning wasn’t performed and validated prior to proposal writing. trying to figure out what to propose while solutioning by writing paragraphs about it is a primary cause of the proposal death spiral. carl is the founder and president of and proplibrary carl is an expert at winning in writing, with more than 30 year’s experience. to find out more about him, you can also connect with carl on linkedin. to find out more about him, you can also connect with carl on linkedin.