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a sponsorship deck is a pitch presentation for potential sponsors, highlighting the value and opportunities of an event or project. they focus on the impact and social good of the cause to attract sponsors. show sponsors why your audience is relevant and valuable to them. it’s crucial to understand and address the specific business challenges of your potential sponsor. use storytelling to connect emotionally with potential sponsors, illustrating the impact and significance of your event or project.

in your sponsorship deck, the call to action (cta) is crucial. the use of running numbers throughout the deck provides a clear and organized structure, making it easy for viewers to follow along. the capability to embed links or videos directly into the deck enhances interactivity and engagement, offering a dynamic and informative experience for viewers. personalize your deck to align with the specific interests and values of each potential sponsor. an effective data visualization slide not only informs but also adds credibility to your deck, making a strong case for your project’s potential success and the benefits for sponsors. they relieve you of the burden of designing a document from scratch, allowing you to focus on refining your message and strategy.

sponsorship deck overview

so, how do you craft a sponsorship deck that’s persuasive enough to open the dialogue for partnership and brilliant enough to outshine your competition? you can use a sponsorship deck or proposal for this kind of outreach. a sponsorship package includes: here are a few sponsorship deck templates, each professionally made and easily customizable so you can tailor them to your needs or industry. this template has a dedicated slide for each of the fundamental elements of a good sponsorship deck, so you use the power of storytelling to demonstrate how sponsors can benefit from partnering with your team. it has a wide range of chats, fonts and visuals that expertly help to tell the story of your brand and why you should be sponsored. you can use it as it is or customize the images and colors to your liking. after you’ve shared your deck with a potential sponsor, use what you’ve learned to improve and maximize the success of your next sponsorship proposal.

first, you can easily swap out icons or images in a template with your own to keep them on brand. this will give you a fresh perspective and the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments. personalizing your sponsorship deck to the specific sponsor and their brand can help you establish a deeper connection and set you apart from competitors who send generic ‘sponsor me’ decks. when it comes to crafting stunning sponsorship decks for your business, visme offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process. those were just a few of the ways in which visme can empower you and your team to maximize your skills. you can use one of each or create a sponsorship deck, giving the sponsor the option to choose which sponsorship method works best for them. request a demo or give visme a free test run and see what visme can do for you and your team.

you’ll include your sponsorship deck when you reach out to a prospective sponsor for the first time. if not, your inbox will be empty and calls unanswered. of course, you’ll want to put yourself, your organization, or your program in the best light. they want to know if you are sponsorship ready and if would you be a great partner to carry the sponsor’s message to your audience. the prospect is looking at what you and they have in common. the “audience” refers to your fans, members, event attendees, listeners, or other groups you serve. it helps the prospect determine if your audience matches its customers. the prospect also wants to understand your audience’s attitudes, hobbies, interests, and behavior. in this section, tailor your opportunity to the needs of the sponsor.

if you don’t know their needs or your research didn’t provide enough clues, take the opportunity to ask them. if your audience is ready to buy the sponsor’s products, it should be clear how the sponsorship connects these dots. sometimes it’s hard for a sponsor to visualize how they can use your sponsorship opportunity to achieve their business goals. it could be a co-branded social media campaign integrating the sponsor into your content. if your sponsorship deck is your first outreach to the prospect, it serves as an introduction. you should not include the investment because you don’t yet know what the prospect needs or wants. if you are at the proposal phase, often called the “sponsorship proposal,” you include the investment for the specific opportunities in your proposal. the key is to understand the value to the sponsor of the benefits achieved through your sponsorship opportunity. for example, a sponsor would pay a premium for a sponsorship it knew could result in $1 million in new sales. customizing one to your prospect’s needs will be the difference-maker to help you find sponsorships.

sponsorship deck format

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sponsorship deck guide

browse this list of templates to find the one that matches your content and overall visual idea. use photos representative of your sport in the image placeholders and switch the color theme to your brand colors. customize this easy-to-follow pitch by changing the theme to your brand colors and switching the fonts to your brand fonts. with high-ticket sponsorship packages between $25k and $200k sent to many sponsors simultaneously, you need to grab the attention of sponsors on the first slide. this sponsorship template includes a section specially dedicated to how you see your sport growing in the future. use the color accents in this design to highlight your brand colors across the slides. this type of sponsorship pitch will grab the attention of your potential sponsors thanks to the bold contrast in the colors and layout. if you like the design of one template from a different category, all you need to do is change the content and make it yours.

create a workspace where you add all your collaborators and team members to work on the sponsorship pitch together. alternatively, you can share the proposal publicly on social media or privately with a link and password. add a section in your pitch that visualizes what these sponsors gained from the partnership. you can set it up before you start designing the pitch deck and use it to change colors and fonts accordingly. a poorly organized presentation can make it challenging for sponsors to grasp the value of your proposal. use your deck to pitch to sponsors and close a deal. a presentation about your brand is not enough; you need to add pitch elements like benefits for the sponsor and case study analysis as proof of roi. she travels the world with her family and is currently in istanbul.

a good sponsorship deck is a powerful tool you can use when you’re pitching corporate sponsors for your next fundraising event. one of the common challenges people face when pitching corporate sponsors is not knowing what to include in their sponsorship deck. a well-crafted sponsorship deck will not only help you secure sponsorships, but it will also make it easier to close deals and get the best possible terms for your event. start with a brief overview of your event. the next thing to include in your sponsorship  deck is a list of your sponsorship levels and benefits. it’s also important to include information about your attendees in your sponsorship deck.

your marketing plan: the next thing to include in your sponsorship deck is a brief overview of your marketing plan. this will help potential sponsors see the value in your sponsorship opportunities. be flexible: finally, be sure to be flexible with your sponsorship levels and benefits. now that you know what to include in your sponsorship deck, it’s time to start creating one. you want potential sponsors to be able to understand your deck, and see the value in your sponsorship opportunities. creating a winning sponsorship deck is an important part of securing sponsors for your event. by following the tips in this guide, you can create a deck that will help you secure the sponsorship you need to make your event a success.