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the model you go with really depends on the needs and capabilities of your organization, along with what kinds of sponsors you’re trying to attract. event planning starts with ideating and dreaming, and then adjusting to fit the container of your budget. all you have to do is make adjustments to suit your organization and fill in the blanks. in fact, according to a study from nonprofits source, “over $50 million has been invested in the last two years into new csr startups to help expand matching gifts, volunteer grants, and other corporate giving offerings.” the more specific you make your goals, the better idea sponsors have of what they can provide. along with highlighting the impact sponsorship will have on your nonprofit, be clear on what the sponsors will get out of it.

structuring your sponsorship packages in a way that’s visually attractive is more likely to keep your readers’ attention. part of what makes your organization special is the value it offers your sponsors when it comes to collaboration. it’s still possible to use either a tiered or a la carte model, but both the sponsorship perks and opportunities should be tailored to the structure of the event. its sponsorship package is very basic on the website, and encourages interested parties to reach out to the executive director. with the help of this simple brochure, you can expand your event budget, build credibility and create bigger and better experiences for your audience.

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a sponsorship packet gives companies a better idea of what a nonprofit does for the community, why people care, and how the company can benefit from this sponsorship arrangement. this article will discuss how sponsorship packets can help you gain businesses’ attention, what to include, and how to design a stunning packet. sharing event details in a sponsorship packet is equally essential and relatively obvious. sponsorship packets give nonprofits the perfect opportunity to make a sales proposition. including a deadline on your sponsorship packet creates a sense of urgency and will help both sides make a satisfactory contract.

you should also try to personalize your sponsorship levels and benefits to fit their interests. you can add these details to your sponsorship levels. the following sponsorship packets will give you a better idea of what other organizations include in their sponsorship packets. you can add various sponsorship amounts (with benefits) to our donation form and add the form link to your sponsorship packet. subscribe to our newsletter to receive a curated list of our best resources in your inbox every month.

in order to be taken seriously, your corporate sponsorship packages must be compelling, involved, and engaging enough to catch the eye of a person in charge of corporate partnership or community giving. they’re a great way to get the word out about your nonprofit, your mission, and the different ways a corporation can help make an impact. good old fashioned corporate sponsorship letters are still the best way to get your point across to a potential business partner. take time to understand their history, their current philanthropic partnerships, the board, leadership team, and their mission. tell the story of your nonprofit, how it was started, what services you provide to your beneficiaries, the impact of your cause, and what you will be doing with the incoming funds.

take your time and personalize your corporate sponsor outreach to increase your chances of them saying yes. tailor your incentive programs and benefits to meet the unique needs and giving history of your target partner – and charge accordingly. figuring out a way to articulate roi can be challenging for nonprofits, and corporate sponsors require more visibility into this metric than most of your other stakeholders. just remember to provide a scale of sponsorship options for donors of all shapes and sizes. ready to learn more about how the onecause fundraising platform can drive deeper supporter engagement and make fundraising easier for your team?

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sponsorship packet guide

if you want to be an even more effective fundraiser, this event is for you! once you’ve found the right partner, you’ll want to create a sponsorship proposal to send to your potential sponsor. read on to get an understanding of the 8 key things you should include in your corporate sponsorship proposal. instead of hoping your potential sponsor is familiar with your work, be sure to include a brief description of your nonprofit and your mission! if you need to raise a certain amount through your event, make sure to include that information for your potential sponsors.

including a few details about your potential attendees—such as age range, interests and hobbies, or location—can help your potential sponsor determine if your event is a good fit for their audience. it’s important to include a quick breakdown of all the sponsorship levels your nonprofit is offering. getting specific with the details can help your potential sponsors decide which package is going to give them the greatest return on their investment. while it’s great when everyone on your first-round sponsorship list says yes, the reality of the situation is that it’s rare that you’ll get 100% of your sponsors during your first round of outreach. it’s also a good idea to include your website at the end of your signature, so your potential sponsor knows where to go if they want more information. don’t forget to download a copy of the sponsorship packet template to keep on hand for future events.

here’s how to plan a sponsorship package that promises value for all. the more an event organizer can prove value for a sponsor ahead of time, the more likely that sponsor will be to spring for the event. meanwhile, by funding an external event, sponsors can reach new audiences, boost their market share, and promote a message to attendees that aligns with a brand’s core values. it’s not worth copy-and-pasting the same event proposal to an excessively wide net of companies that aren’t a good match. that means the sponsor can expect to make around $25,000 for an event.

to that end, speeches and branded fliers can be helpful, but the best sponsorship packages facilitate actual conversations. with the right events management tool, virtual and hybrid events are just as big on sponsorship opportunities that lead to these kinds of interactions. it’s a vital way to ensure attendees know who sponsors are and how to get in touch with them. if event organizers can corral a comedian, musician, or another big-name entertainer as part of a sponsorship package, they’ll be sure to thrill attendees and potential sponsors alike. it’s an end-to-end virtual event platform flush with attendee engagement metrics and sponsor insights, giving you all the data you need to show the value of your sponsorship package.