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you can, though, tip the odds in your favor by writing a detailed prospectus. the first page is where you introduce your company and describe the event you have in mind. you can also include the company url and link to its social media page. begin discussing the event and why you are requesting corporate sponsorship. they want to know, for example, what’s the expected turnout for the event, the number of your social media following, average conversion rates, and so on. use online surveys and polls, or the number of tickets already sold to come up with a solid figure that you can present in your prospectus. there should be a section in your prospectus where you explain all the intricate details of your event. like your company, they’re out to make a profit, which means they expect something in return.

with that in mind, what will you be willing to give in return that warrants the sponsor’s funds? your prospectus should include the estimated funds you will need and are requesting. this is why your letter should include more affordable options that allow the sponsors to test the waters with your upcoming event. more than likely, you will be submitting the prospectus to multiple sponsors for consideration. the majority of the prospectus, such as the event details and statistical information do not have to be changed. people reviewing your prospectus have likely reviewed dozens of others on a near daily basis, so they’re probably good at spotting a generic letter that you also sent to 10 other sponsors. if this is your first time reaching out to sponsors and your first go at planning an event, then you have a huge road block ahead of you. detailed information about the event, your organization, sponsorship options and benefits.

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a sponsorship prospectus can make or break your event’s bottomline if you’re planning to rely on the budget that can come from sponsorship revenue. start off with a run down of the number of attendees sponsors can count on. if you’re hosting a b2c event, show age groups or other categories that can help sponsors identify which demographics they’ll be targeting if they choose to sponsor your event. this is a key indicator for sponsors to understand what type of event and audience you are hosting based on who previous or current sponsors are. you’ll need to find a way to show your event sponsorship packages so that the reader can quickly digest the different options that are available. the most important thing to remember when you put sponsorship packages in your prospectus is to be ruthless about your language choices and how you present those packages. we’ve got you covered in our recent post, “how to design irresistible event sponsorship packages.”â  hire a professional designer (not your nephew or an intern!)

and make sure that all of the copy and artwork such as graphics, logos and design elements are on point. depending on the size and nature of your event, it could be worth investing in a professional copywriter to help you clearly articulate your event’s value through your copy. the reason is that most marketing collateral (and your sponsorship prospectus is a prime example of marketing collateral!) pdf is also â a lightweight file type that allows you to embed images without significantly increasing the size of the file. and, probably most importantly, pdf is also an industry standard file type which will increase the professionalism of your prospectus. your best chance of closing sponsorship deals for your event is to guide potential sponsors through a quick discussion over the phone. once you have this data, you can follow up with the sponsor and provide the pdf for them to review while you walk them through it.

in addition to the financial benefits, events with sponsors can leverage cross-marketing, showcase a specific partnership, and add meaning to a brand identity by publicizing the alliance. the key lies in a compelling sponsorship prospectus. a sponsorship prospectus is a structured, inspiring, and persuasive document that contains everything a potential sponsor would want to know about the event. and the sponsorship benefits in a way that inspires a company to sponsor an event. on the first page, provide a brief overview and introduction to your brand and event. on the next page, list the table of contents to show the reader what to expect from the rest of the document. next, showcase the complex numbers, statistics, and data that proactively answer the question, “why should a company care?” use data on roi, previous event attendance, existing registrants, and more to highlight your legitimacy and captivate the company’s interest. it is imperative to think strategically about the information shared.

it is time to showcase the benefits a sponsor can expect from the partnership. some brands prefer to offer predetermined sponsorship tiers, and others prefer to pitch a more collaborative offer. in the final section, summarize your offering with a closing pitch and call to action. the competition for sponsors is intense, making it even more difficult to secure them. the organisation for economic co-operation and development published a sponsorship prospectus for karratha, australia. the front page showcases a photograph depicting an area relevant to the event. the document concludes with a booking form so interested parties can immediately apply to sponsor the event. there are many elements to consider and skillfully execute in a sponsorship prospectus. hamilton is a full-service event marketing agency with a 75-year legacy creating immersive brand experiences for companies throughout north america and worldwide.

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