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​[] is a sports event organizer with headquarters in city. in fact, most of our sponsors continue to work with us over several years, and sponsor various sports events in markets around the country in partnership with our team. this event is highly interactive, and sponsors will have the opportunity to engage directly with event attendees throughout the venue. sponsor satisfaction is extremely important to the [] team. many first-time sponsors and small businesses choose to test sports event sponsorship for the first time by partnering with [].

once you’re sure that sports event sponsorship works well for your brand, we recommend the silver sponsors’ package. to begin the process of becoming a sponsor for event name, simply choose your desired package below and sign the bottom of this proposal. a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss your sponsors’ package selection and begin the process of gathering the assets necessary to include you in our promotional material. if you rent out your property for events or daily use by third parties, you can use this facility rental agreement template as a simple binding contract that clearly defines the terms of the facility rental and your client’s responsibilities during their use of your property. an event sponsorship proposal is a document created by the person hosting the event for prospective sponsors. this proposal includes three sponsorship tiers, a custom pricing table, and plenty of space for you to show off client testimonials.

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browse this list of templates to find the one that matches your content and overall visual idea. use photos representative of your sport in the image placeholders and switch the color theme to your brand colors. customize this easy-to-follow pitch by changing the theme to your brand colors and switching the fonts to your brand fonts. with high-ticket sponsorship packages between $25k and $200k sent to many sponsors simultaneously, you need to grab the attention of sponsors on the first slide. this sponsorship template includes a section specially dedicated to how you see your sport growing in the future. use the color accents in this design to highlight your brand colors across the slides. this type of sponsorship pitch will grab the attention of your potential sponsors thanks to the bold contrast in the colors and layout. if you like the design of one template from a different category, all you need to do is change the content and make it yours.

create a workspace where you add all your collaborators and team members to work on the sponsorship pitch together. alternatively, you can share the proposal publicly on social media or privately with a link and password. add a section in your pitch that visualizes what these sponsors gained from the partnership. you can set it up before you start designing the pitch deck and use it to change colors and fonts accordingly. a poorly organized presentation can make it challenging for sponsors to grasp the value of your proposal. use your deck to pitch to sponsors and close a deal. a presentation about your brand is not enough; you need to add pitch elements like benefits for the sponsor and case study analysis as proof of roi. she travels the world with her family and is currently in istanbul.

the sponsorship proposal is a key document in your sponsorship program. if your sports program or opportunity has a name, you want to put that on the title page. before you mention a thing about your sports event and before you ask for even a dollar, you need to incentivize the target sponsor to keep reading. only once you reach the third page is it time to delve into your sports game or fundraiser. you will get to talk about your event lots more if the target sponsor is interested, so this probably won’t be your only chance. it’s like when you want a cheeseburger but the only way to get it is as part of the combo meal with fries, a drink, and dessert.

you also want a call to action or cta on the sixth page. you put so much effort into your sports sponsorship proposal that the last thing i would want is for you to make the mistake of sending it too early. you don’t need two pages to talk about your football team or the game coming up. you’re about to print off a dozen copies of your sponsorship proposal so all the attendees at the meeting can review it. the power to make a sponsorship sale is in your hands! by following my six-page template and knowing when to send the proposal, it can act as the supporting document that guides a target sponsor in their decision.

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