stanford mba employment report

amid the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, stanford gsb reports that graduates of the mba class of 2021 have rebounded in a strong job market. “the class of 2021 weathered the initial shock of the global pandemic as they pursued their summer internships in 2020, demonstrating grit and resilience,” said jamie schein, assistant dean and director of the career management center, in the press release. the average starting salary for the class of 2021 landed at $161,831 and the median at $158,400. out of 268 graduates of the mba class of 2021, 176 sought employment. five percent chose to work in healthcare, and media rounds out the top five industries at four percent. in regards to function, business operations and management positions were the most popular at 26%.

eighteen percent of the stanford gsb mba class of 2021 are now dedicating their time to the launch of their new ventures. eight percent of the class of 2021 were company-sponsored and another four percent continued their education instead of seeking employment. the midwest region took in seven percent of graduates and the mid-atlantic saw four percent of gsb grads. the south and southwest each attracted two percent of the class. forty-nine percent of new entrepreneurs launched their companies in the u.s. west, followed by 27% in other parts of the u.s. nearly a quarter started their new ventures outside of the u.s. “more than other classes, the class of 2021 learned how to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty, and to be adaptable and resilient,” said dean jonathan levin in the press release. join the clear admit community for free and conduct unlimited searches of mba livewire, mba decisionwire, mba applywire and the interview archive.

stanford graduate school of business is one of the first schools that come to mind when you think of applying to business school. a human-centered approach to business, focusing on emotional connections and the social impact its graduates can produce, is instilled within the stanford mba class. the data above is from 2021 and represents the career statistics for the stanford mba class of 2021.

*see the full report: stanford gsb mba employment report if you’re thinking about changing careers, a stanford mba is a great place to start. the stanford gsb career management center assists you in connecting with center advisors and other career education professionals to construct a tailored career plan, improve your personal and professional skills, make strategic decisions, and achieve your objectives. not to mention the strong job market available to you as stanford mba graduate.

view current as well as historical career and internship hiring data by industry, function, and location. within three months of graduation, 91% of the class of 2021 had accepted a job offer, up from 85% for the class of 2020 and 88% for the class of 96% of 2021’s stanford mba grads received job offers within three months of graduating, up from the previous year’s 91%, with 91% of mbas accepting job offers, .

amid the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, stanford gsb reports that graduates of the mba class of 2021 have rebounded in a strong job market. in median numbers, too, stanford saw new records, with a median class salary of $156,000, up $6,000 from last year’s $150k, and a median bonus the pandemic had a clear and measurable negative effect on stanford in one key area: job placement rates, which dipped from 94% with job offers, .

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