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[1] the term is considered american business jargon,[2] but it is also encountered in engineering office culture. in this way, the team can jump start their discussions with a document that is likely to contain many, but not all, of the key aspects to be discussed. as the document is revised, it may be given other edition names such as the more solid-sounding “stone-man”, “iron-man”, and so on. [3] the succession of names comes from the requirements document for the programming language ada.

the strawman is not expected to be the last word; it is refined until a final model or document is obtained that resolves all issues concerning the scope and nature of the project. the ‘straw man’ also fits in neatly with the concept of iterative design, repeating and re-drafting to improve an initial concept or design. it might be that the decision is to not continue at all, in which case, the ‘straw man’ approach may have saved a lot of wasted work in the long run. or, the final approach may be very different from the first model.

straw man proposal overview

the straw man proposal was developed by mckinsey & is often used to solve customer problems in a more structured manner. a straw man proposal is a concept version of something the team can discuss, break down, & improve. the straw man proposal is a way of discussing a problem with a group of people & developing a draft version. however, you should never expect this technique to provide the ultimate answer. arguments & ideas that arise from the straw man proposal provide valuable feedback in a solution-oriented process. using the straw man proposal, you can create temporary solutions. it is about arguing & refuting the reasoning of any informal fallacies in logic. the straw man proposal can be effectively applied to different problems. this is the straw man proposal that form the basis of the recommendation.

team members in favor of the proposal provide detailed arguments & list all the advantages. by considering the straw man proposal a concept, all team members are free to respond & share their honest feedback. an important condition here is that the team must be aware that the proposal is merely a straw man proposal; nothing is cast in stone yet. invite feedback & criticism to create the next iteration of the proposal. subsequently, clarify the assumptions & decision-making criteria, based on which you should create a new & refined proposal. finally, create a new proposal & present it to the team. in summary, this technique is a provisional & incomplete concept that can be broken down & rebuilt. it is intended to spark discussion among the engagement team. please subscribe, only if you want to be notified about developments in the topics we cover.

the straw man proposal is a mckinsey method for problem solving. a strawman proposal is a concept version of something the team can discuss, break down, and improve. this is also the underlying idea of this problem solving method; it concerns a proposal for potential improvement, with room for additional innovations and/or adjustments. however, you should never expect a straw man proposal to provide the ultimate answer. the straw man proposal can be effectively applied to different problems. this is the straw man proposal that will form the basis of the management consultation.

one important condition here is that the team must be aware that the proposal is merely a straw man proposal. this problem solving method is a provisional and incomplete concept that can be broken down and rebuilt. the straw man proposal is about the quantity of ideas – quality shouldn’t be considered yet. the idea is to attack the straw man and break it down, before the process can be improved again. she is also a content writer, business coach and company trainer and lives in the netherlands (europe). i need to read more… and practice.

straw man proposal format

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straw man proposal guide

reveal it to the project team in a kickoff meeting and everyone is happy. of course we all understand that there is no such thing as the perfect plan and trying to create the plan in a vacuum is a recipe for disaster. our job as project manager is to facilitate the development of a plan that fits the needs of the project, the business, and the project team. this approach is not meant to be a way to abdicate your responsibility for leading the development of the plan. the technique that i’ve found helpful in getting input from the team is something that i refer to as a strawman plan. it’s a plan that you don’t have to defend.

you’re not selling the plan, your using it as a way to engage the team and get their input and ideas. if it’s a bad plan the team is going to do you a big favor and shoot it full of holes – if you let them. when i use this approach i make it clear and actually say:  â€œthis is a strawman plan meant as a starting point for discussion…”. once the shape of the plan is in place including the methodology to be used, the structure of the team, the approach to risk management, the general timeline and major milestones, etc…, then you’re ready to put the details in place. there’s a fine line between getting input to build a good plan and striving for consensus but a big difference in the result. one will be a right-sized plan for the project and the other will be overly negotiated with confusing or contradictory intent. we begin with strawman, revise it as we go along the path.

an interesting proposal to generate shared solutions by stimulating the participation and creativity of all the involved resources has been developed by mckinsey & company, a worldwide famous consulting firm. the “straw man proposal” method is based on an iterative process of hypothesis-feedback-testing, in which each team member has and must give his opinion. this process represents a problem solving method for the organisational field, exploiting the human and creative potential of a working group. the “straw man” is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it’s a process that is well suited to different kinds of situations: the aim is to find a temporary solution to a particular problem and to improve brain storming, so as to have more time and resources to work on the final proposal.

the first phase focuses on individual work: each team member formulates his or her proposal and presents it to the group. the working group divides into two “teams”: those who are in favour (and will argue accordingly) and those who are against the proposed idea. based on the feedback a new proposal is formulated taking criticism into account. the idea is then tested (discussed) on the basis of the goal that must be achieved. if the first three steps are successful, the final proposal is formulated, representing the sum of the best ideas of the various team members.