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as a subcontractor, the construction bidding process can be daunting. this metric represents the percentage of applications that lead to rewarded contracts. it virtually never makes sense to apply for a job unless you meet the qualifications. depending on the project’s size, it often even makes sense to conduct a site walkthrough during which you can make note of potential issues. these points will all influence your profit margins and are therefore essential to keep in mind during the subcontractor bidding process.

it’s not uncommon for general contractors to request bids in a specific format. it should also provide information regarding how you arrived at that bid, which will make it more credible and likely to result in a contract award. if possible, schedule a call or meeting with your prospective client to present and discuss the bid with them. this is often easiest to set up when you deliver your bid in person or via a call since the prospective client will need to respond on the spot. so while perfection isn’t the goal, make note of trends in your bidding results. he started in the construction industry early on with a local restoration company.

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with the ability to find leads on exciting new projects, and a huge network of general contractors and suppliers — you have unprecedented power to take your business to the next level. we make it simple to find projects that match your business — and make sure you are notified right away. easy-to-use filters and keyword search narrow your search by what matters most to you, so you can focus on the right projects. easy to readwith a clean clear format, you can create easy to read bids for general contractors — and they’ll pay more attention to your bid.

imported projectsit’s simple to bring in projects you find in other platforms by forwarding the project to a special planhub email and the project details will be automatically imported. as a smaller, family-owned company, they needed to carefully manage growth too — so the jobs they bid on needed to be tailored to their specific skills, area, and size. according to a recent report, hispanic-owned construction businesses account for almost a quarter of all small businesses in florida, and their impact on the industry is undeniable. with access to private, hard-to-find projects, you can connect with architects and owners on projects still in the pre-design and design stages.

to succeed the owner must be engaged in the subcontractor bidding process by 1) setting the rules for subcontractor bidding in the contract with the lead construction manager or general contractor (referred to herein the “cm/gc”), and by 2) being engaged in the subcontractor bid solicitation, evaluation, selection, and subcontract negotiation process. this means that the tools needed by the owner to influence subcontractors must be imbedded in its contract with the cm/gc. elements of the owner’s contract with the cm/gc that are critical to the owner’s goals include: before bids are solicited, the cm/gc should provide the owner with a breakdown of how it proposes to categorize the project into the various trades. the owner should review the cm/gc’s proposed rfb recipients to confirm that the subcontractors listed meet the owner’s pre-qualification requirements. rfb’s should be issued early enough to allow the subcontractors time to study the materials provided and to ask questions of the cm/gc, or others on owner’s team.

each subcontractor should be provided a breakdown of the categories within its trade that are to be priced separately in the subcontractor’s bid. the bid evaluation sheets should not allow the cm/gc to pencil in contingencies or allowances for charges directly for the cm/gc. at this time, contract negotiations will occur and if successful the subcontract will be executed. these subcontractors will likely provide an estimate of the cost of work and will bill on a cost-plus-fee or t&m basis. the critical controls the cm/gc must require of subcontractors under a cost based billing arrangement include: previous articles for developers and owners of high value residential construction projects authored by resx can be located on our website (

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a low bid may result in little or no profit margin, causing disastrous circumstances for your livelihood, whereas overbidding may cost you the project. so tackle the bidding process with a meticulous mindset and present the estimate with the skills of a salesman. doing so will put you on top of the pile, increasing your chances of subcontracting the project. ask questions and feel out the client’s expectations. conduct a walk-through of the job site or review a set of plans if it’s a construction project. factor in additional costs such as worker’s compensation (if required), postage and shipping charges and travel time related to the project.

start with a daily baseline figure and carry it through the expected amount of days until completion. ensure your bid includes crucial information like names, addresses, start and completion date, description of work, payment terms and warranties. itemize your materials costs, labor costs and change-order costs. provide references or a portfolio of your work alongside your bid. schedule a follow-up conversation and hand them your business card. christina shepherd mcguire writes articles about adventure sports, fashion, mothering and natural living.