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the term tender proposal is used in the procurement field to describe the response from potential suppliers to a request for proposal (rfp). the format of a tender proposal varies widely by industry, but all have the same basic requirements. the most important part of any tender response is the deadlines.

contract law is very clear on this issue, and many firms have been taken to court over awarding contracts to firms who submitted their tender proposal after the deadline. tender proposals have mainly three sections: any restriction surrounding acceptance of the tender proposal must be included in the response. payment terms are typically indicated in the response as well, so that the negotiation process can begin. key definitions of over 1500 useful international trade terms.

tender proposal overview

a tender is a response to a formal request for tender (rft) issued by a government department or agency, private or listed company seeking an external provider for a service or product or to deliver a project. your response to an rfp must answer all the questions and meet all the compliance requirements, just like a response to an rft. this is more a case of hopefulness, that the unsolicited proposal will appeal to the organisation, which will then get in touch to find out more.

this experience provided tim with a deep insight in the dos and don’ts of successful bid writing which he applies to his support to proof communications’ clients. jasmine is an experienced and versatile tender writer with a background in journalism. tender writers is powered by proof communications, established by rosemary gillespie in 2000. rosemary began her copywriting, editing and proofreading career working at the bbc in london, before moving to a large global swiss-based business. it was here that rosemary discovered her eye for detail that marks out her skills as a superior tender writer, editor and proofreader.

a tender proposal is the step in the tendering process where you put forward your case and bid to try and gain the contract. what should be included in a tender document depends on the type of document you are creating. it is always recommended that you use the template that is presented to you as it is the way in which the original poster wants your bid and information to be portrayed.

before you start writing your proposal, you need to make sure that you fully understand what the company is asking for and are aware of all the specifications necessary. using language that is too over the top and difficult to understand can cause the services you are trying to sell to get convoluted in the grand scheme of your proposal. set the tender proposal out in a logical way that is easy to follow and ensure that it flows well. moreover, there are tenders in a multitude of different sectors, meaning finding ones that are specific to your business can be difficult.

tender proposal format

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tender proposal guide

the first thing to realize is that terms vary from organization to organization and country to country. the bid manager needs to be able to interact with many types of specialists – from technical to legal, finance, hr and senior management, and will need to know their roles, responsibilities, and what they can and cannot be asked to deliver. the bid will then be evaluated against a set of criteria that are described in the request or invitation to tender. sometimes, this may involve a period of research, information gathering and strategic messaging prior to the bid being released. the title is often used interchangeably to bid manager, however bids, by their nature, are project-based with a beginning and end point.

a tender manager can also be hired on the procurement side to manage tender requirements, oversee the request for tender process, and negotiate contracts (sometimes referred to as tender and contracts manager). a bid shares many characteristics of a project due to its defined beginning and end point, objectives, roles, responsibilities, milestones and deliverables. the proposal is a written offer from a seller to a prospective buyer. proposal writers are usually tasked with pulling together pre-existing information or creating custom content and tailoring it to the client’s needs. also referred to as ‘subject matter experts’, technical specialists are usually industry specific and are central to developing the client solution. the technical writer and bid manager work closely with technical specialists to scope their information requirements to ensure it contributes positively to the bid.

the key thing is to make sure that you read the tender instructions thoroughly. unfettered tender proposal formats really do give you a great opportunity to showcase the professionalism of your business. if you are permitted to submit supporting evidence with your bid (and in most cases, you will be) make the most of it. you should take the time to make sure your tender proposal is of the highest quality possible. right before the deadline for a tender proposal, the portal is likely to experience a lot of traffic and occasionally the system can crash.

it is important to invest that time to fully understand the requirements of the proposal. as with all clients, the first step for our bid writers is to extract information. whilst lots more information on our tendering and procurement advice and writing services can be found in our blogs, read ahead for a snapshot of each of our services, what they involve and the benefits they can bring to your business. our tender mentor service provides businesses with a vital, second pair of eyes to make sure that their submission is the best it can be. this makes the process of writing a tender proposal as stress-free as possible. for more information about tendering and how to approach it, contact our tender writing consultants for a free chat about your tendering queries and needs.