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if you are able to supply the goods, services or works required, please get in touch with us for the specifications, using the “contact” link provided. in the interests of sustainable development, simplified procedures and the fair treatment of all candidates, irrespective of their geographical location, we operate a digital platform for the submission of tenders. should you have a doubt as to the validity of your document and/or identity of the signatory, please contact our procurement team. payment conditions are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and are reflected in the corresponding purchase order/contract.

within the limits set out by international law and applicable national legislation, the organization enjoys certain privileges with respect to indirect taxes and customs duties. when quoting and invoicing goods, services and works, please indicate the price without tax, taxes and customs duties separately, and the total. to find out more about upcoming calls for tender and other procurement projects, we suggest you consult this page regularly and/or subscribe to the theme-based alert service via the e-procurement platform. if you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact our procurement team.

tender submission overview

when it comes to business, the term “offer, tender, submission” (ots) is used a great deal. an offer, tender or submission is a formal document that outlines an organization’s proposal for a project or contract. the ots is usually submitted in response to a request for proposal (rfp), which is issued by a potential client. once the ots is submitted, the client will review all of the proposals and select the one that they feel best meets their needs. the next time you come across the term “offer, tender, submission”, you’ll know exactly what it means. an offer is a proposal to do something, typically made in response to an invitation. in business and law, an offer is a promise to perform an act, or pay in return for something received, or both. when someone makes an offer to buy goods or services, they are called the “offeror”. a tender is an offer to do work or supply goods at a set price.

the offer may be in the form of a written document or simply a verbal agreement. the contractor who offers the best price for the work will usually be awarded the job. an rfp is similar to a tender, but usually includes more detailed information about the work that needs to be done. a submission is an offer, proposal, or bid to provide goods or services. it is made in response to a request for proposal (rfp), invitation for bid (ifb), or other solicitation. an offer is a formal proposal to do something, typically in business or law. a tender is an invitation to bid on a project or contract. it is usually done through a public notice, and the bids are sealed so that they cannot be altered after they are submitted. a submission is a proposal or application that is made in response to an invitation, such as a tender. it is usually made in response to a request for proposal (rfp) and should outline the terms under which the party is willing to do business.

mastering the tendering process is essential for general contractors and subcontractors alike. submitting a tender takes time, and one way to improve your hit ratio is to focus on the right jobs for your business – which means skipping some tenders entirely. the tender bond serves as a guarantee to the owner that the contractor will be able to complete the project according to their tender.

contractor tip: after your tender is accepted, take time to review the proposed contract and make suggested changes. with open tendering, anyone is allowed to submit a tender on the project. selective tendering is the middle ground between open and negotiated tendering: a small set of predetermined contractors is invited to submit tenders on a project. each of these contract types… how gmp contracts work a gmp contract is a contractual agreement between a contractor and project owner that sets a maximum cost for the construction work of a project.

tender submission format

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