the vaers report

vaers is part of the larger vaccine safety system in the united states that helps ensure that vaccines are safe. vaers accepts and analyzes reports of possible health problems—also called “adverse events”—after vaccination. specifically, a report to vaers does not mean that a vaccine caused an adverse event. but vaers can give cdc and fda important information. vaers welcomes all reports, regardless of seriousness, and regardless of how likely the vaccine may have been to have caused the adverse event.

healthcare providers are required to report serious adverse events into the vaers system regardless of whether the reporter thinks the vaccine caused the adverse event. data from vaers reports are intended to be used by trained experts to detect an unusual number of negative health outcomes in those who recently received a vaccine. to look at vaers data, you can follow the instructions listed here. while very important in monitoring vaccine safety, vaers reports alone cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event or illness. most reports to vaers are voluntary, which means they are subject to biases.

important: if you are experiencing a medical emergency, seek immediate assistance from a healthcare provider or call 9-1-1. cdc and fda do not provide vaers is the national vaccine safety monitoring system that accepts reports of adverse events after vaccination. the system can quickly detect potential the information in this database contains reports received from 1990 to the present. data can be searched by the following: age, event category, gender,, .

anyone can report a post-vaccination health issue to the vaccine adverse event reporting system—which anti-vaccination activists often vaers is a national vaccine safety surveillance program created as an outgrowth of the national childhood vaccine injury act of 1986 (ncvia) the vaccine adverse event reporting system (vaers) is the nation’s early warning system that monitors the safety of vaccines after they are authorized or, .

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