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a ux proposal can help bolster the argument for user experience design and give stakeholders an understanding of a project and its scope. some benefits of a ux proposal include: it is not uncommon to hear designers and clients alike use the term design brief when referring to a ux proposal. the best time to write a ux design proposal is after you have whetted the appetite of your stakeholders – that is how you get buy-in for ux. if you want to start the conversation with stakeholders on good footing, try creating a typeform so that onboarding is more successful. defining the problem involves identifying the causes of the problem so that you can solve it.

in this part of the ux proposal, you will outline what led to this plan. for example: the goal of this ux design proposal is to create and implement a new design for the sign-up landing page to drive up conversions. if you know that there are parts of the project which are out of your hands or rely on external forces, do not neglect to mention that. gantt charts help illustrate the timeline of a project, can keep you on top of deadlines and are useful for highlighting milestones. if, on the other hand, you want to brush up on the basics of ux and usability, the online course on user experience might be a better fit for you (or another design topic).

ux proposal overview

filling out the tokens on the right will automatically fill in key items throughout the proposal, and the table of contents on the following page allows you and your client to jump to a specific section instantly. our team of analysts and ux designers perform the critical research and analysis necessary for successful ux in your products, and develop cohesive ux strategies that allow you to become a product-driven organization. [client.company] needs to establish/improve the user experience of your products, so that your users become engaged with and loyal to them. by measuring interaction with these prototypes against predefined standards, we will be able to make a series of iterations to the ux strategy and product design. at the conclusion of this iterative process, we will be able to deliver a final product design for deployment to your full user base.

feel free to change the milestones in the table below to match your agency’s project structure. assign the signature and date fields below to your client. your electronic signature below indicates your agreement to the proposed deliverable items and pricing outlined in this proposal, and will signal our team to initiate the project. a ux proposal can be created to improve the design of an app, product, or website. a ux design plan is a strategy of how a customer experiences and interacts with your product/service when they come in contact with it. pandadoc is not responsible for examining or evaluating such third party materials, and does not provide any warranties relating to the third party materials.

a ux design proposal is a document that outlines how ux designers plan to approach their projects, including the goals of the project, scope of work, deliverables, prices, and more. it’s the key to you launching and growing a healthy career. this makes the proposal process much quicker, so you can send them to potential clients at a faster rate and increase your chance of getting clients. if their definition of the project is ambiguous, you need to clear this up before starting the proposal.

often by this point, whether it’s a referral or an ongoing relationship, the proposal is to show what you can provide and how much it will cost. this is an important aspect of the proposal since a clear timeline brings transparency and demonstrates confidence in your abilities. the budget section of a ux design proposal is another important section to include, as the pricing is always at the top of clients’ minds. it helps create a strong plan for you to follow while showing a client that you’re the right designer for the project. customize the contents as you see fit, add your branding, and receive an alert as soon as the client approves.

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this document outlines your specific approach to the client’s design brief — what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. it all starts with the first word you type. this guide tells you how to create an incredible proposal that lands you your next design job. join world-class ux designers and create advanced prototypes using uxpin, an end-to-end design tool that will help you create fully interactive prototypes without dev’s help. a design proposal is a document you send to clients (and sometimes stakeholders) that sets out your ideas for a specific design project. and each proposal should be unique to the project you are applying for. you need just the right information to capture the client’s attention and convince everyone you are the right person for the project. as a designer, you know how to engage with different audiences and demographics, so think of the proposal through this same paradigm.

this way, you can impress even the most difficult clients. discuss it with the rest of your design team and figure out the most appropriate solution. take a fresh approach and view your proposal as an innovative way to showcase your design flair. clients want you to get straight to the point: tell the world why you’re the best designer for the project. it might feel uncomfortable, but you could land the biggest and best job of your career. clients want to see your experience, motivations, and ideas in one document, and with competition so fierce, you need to write a document that demands attention. access templates for the most important documents in design with uxpin, the design and prototyping tool for ux/ui professionals worldwide. uxpin is a product design platform used by the best designers on the planet.

a good ux research plan sets out the parameters for your research, and guides how you’ll gather insights to inform product development. with a solid, strategy-based ux research plan you can also track metrics at different stages of the project and adjust future tactics to get better research findings. one of the most important purposes of a research plan is to identify what you’re trying to achieve with the research, and clarify the problem statement. when you present the research plan to key stakeholders, remember to align on the scope of research, and how and when you’ll get back to them with results.

if different types of people will be using a certain product, you need to make sure that the people you research represent these personas. the next component of a research plan is to create a brief or guide for your research sessions. next in your plan, estimate how long the research project will take and when you should expect to review the findings. it’s helpful to explore the need for continuous discovery in your ux research plan and look for a tool like maze that simplifies the process for you. ux research plans are shared documents that everyone on the product team can and should be familiar with.