vaers safety

the following information provides guidance to healthcare professionals about how to submit accurate, complete and timely vaers reports. in addition, cdc encourages you to report any clinically significant adverse event that occurs in a patient following a vaccination, even if you are unsure whether a vaccine caused the event. the vaccine adverse event reporting system (vaers) accepts all reports, including reports of vaccination errors. vaers is primarily for monitoring adverse health events, and we encourage reporting of clinically significant adverse health events following vaccination. for example, a healthcare professional might choose to report a vaccination error if the error might pose a safety risk (e.g., administering a live vaccine to an immunocompromised patient) or the error would be preventable with public health action or education.

however, we encourage you to submit a report promptly after an adverse event occurs. if you provide your contact information, you will receive a confirmation number electronically or a vaers identification number by mail depending on your method of reporting. for assistance and information, contact cdc-info by calling (800) 232-4636 or visit the cdc’s vaccines and immunizations website. contact cdc-info by calling (800) 232-4636, visit the cdc’s vaccines and immunizations website, or contact the vaccine manufacturer directly. the vicp is separate from the vaers program, and reporting an event to vaers does not constitute filing a claim for compensation to the vicp. for more information about the vicp, call (800) 338-2382 or visit the vicp web site.

vaers is a national vaccine safety surveillance program that helps to detect unusual or unexpected reporting patterns of adverse events for vaccines. vaers have you had a reaction following a vaccination? contact your healthcare provider. report an adverse event using the vaers online form or the downloadable pdf. vaers is designed to rapidly detect unusual or unexpected patterns of adverse events, also referred to as “safety signals.” if a possible safety signal is found, .

established in 1990, the vaccine adverse event reporting system (vaers) is a national early warning system to detect possible safety problems in safety monitoring in vaers relies on receiving reports of vaccine adverse events from healthcare professionals. the following information provides guidance the vaccine adverse event reporting system (vaers) is a passive reporting aes and/or any revised safety reporting requirements per fda’s conditions of, .

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