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property managers and hoas will send out a request for proposal (rfp), and this is your chance to show them how your business can serve them. the purpose of an rfp is for clients to examine a potential vendor’s services and offerings. once you’ve received an rfp from a potential client, there are a few things you should consider before you dive into creating your response. you should first take stock of whether your services would be a good fit for the potential client. the more you understand what the client is looking for, the better chance you have at convincing them your services are the best option. it is important to carefully examine the rfp to be sure you understand the company, the project, and the services that would be required. clients should explain how they will evaluate the responses they receive and what criteria they will use to select the winning vendor. now that you understand the client’s needs expressed through the rfp, it is time to begin writing your proposal.

it is important to be as specific as possible in your response. specificity is not only helpful for the person reading the proposal, but also for you and your organization to think through how services will be rendered and according to what timeline and budget. take the time to explain what services you can provide and how they help the hoa or property reach its goals. now be sure to include an agreement or contract with your response so that the property manager or hoa representative can sign it should they chose to work with your company. after you’ve submitted your rfp response, schedule a follow-up phone call to go through your response with the potential client. writing an rfp response takes time, so make sure you yield a return on your investment. if you can demonstrate an understanding of the property or hoa, the potential client will likely have more confidence in your ability to assist them with their project. through a blend of technology and real estate expertise, vendorsmart has helped vendors across the country grow their business.

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i’ll offer a guide to the supplier selection process, advice for creating the rfp criteria and scorecard, as well as general vendor selection best practices. if you issued a request for information (rfi) or used vendor profiles to create a vendor shortlist prior to issuing the rfp you’ll want to have the responses available for reference. when it comes to picking the right supplier or vendor for a procurement project, it’s wise to welcome input from colleagues. we highly recommend rfp weighted scoring as a way to prioritize the sections of the proposal that are most important to your business. much weighted scoring is done with complicated formulas in an excel spreadsheet, but if you have rfp software, you’ll be able to do this step more collaboratively and you may even be able to automate some of the functionality.

you made it to the end of the process. do: establish a budget prior to starting the vendor selection process. take the time to vet the functionality and service offerings of each vendor. remember to include your it team in the communication as well. you have the right to redline and vendors expect you to give some pushback.

a request for information (rfi) is used by companies to get a sense of what solutions are available on the market. this helps set the stage for potential vendors and allows them to better understand who they’ll be working with. this is your first opportunity to describe what you’re hoping to accomplish and the areas of expertise you’re looking for. the selected firm will be responsible for the ideation, production, and delivery of a three-part video series to educate teens and young adults about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

this is the time to get specific, just like we did in the scope of work section. tell vendors where to submit their bids and to whom, and give them a timeline that includes the submission deadline, date for final selection, and project completion date. the purpose of this request for proposals (rfp) is to invite businesses who specialize in video production, live action, animation, and multimedia for educational purposes to submit proposals to our company. providing access to a point of contact shows that your company is invested in the vendor response process and helps you proactively establish a rapport. both could force a restart of the entire rfp process and waste precious time.

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vendor proposal guide

the requests include a statement of work describing the tasks to be performed by the winning bidder and the timeline for finishing the work. however, any private or public organization may put out an rfp to get multiple bids and a variety of perspectives on the project. it announces that a project is proceeding, and opens the door to qualified candidates who can get the job done. the alternative to an rfp is a less formal process requiring a project manager to research and identify potential vendors for a project.

it is meant to open up competition and to encourage a variety of alternative proposals that might be considered by the project’s planners. the responses will enable it to establish a relationship with one or more suppliers of the quantity and quality of goods it needs, at a price that is established. for example, an rfp for a children’s park might allow the contractor to propose the precise layout, equipment, and amenities the park might contain. this gives the organization an opportunity to study a variety of approaches and prices and choose the one that best meets its needs.

ask questions that allow you to objectively compare the responses. for example, metrics can be requested as well as a narrative that explains them – i.e. if it is not required that the vendor has the same industry technical expertise in a subject, then questions should be reworded appropriately.

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