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there’s no need for you to be tech-savvy or deal with the code: you’ll just select a template from the gallery and follow the instructions. to change the text, just click on it and type the details of your offer. when the content of your popup is ready, you may want to adjust its design to harmonize it with your website. for example, you can choose to display the popup on selected pages, change the timing triggers and audience targeting rules.

if you like any of the templates from the examples below, feel free to use them in your store. one way you can try to prevent abandonment on your website is by offering a discount right before visitors leave using an exit-intent popup. to recreate this example, you can either type a date of your choice or display the current date of the customer’s visit by adding a variable to the copy: discounts are the engine of ecommerce sales. are you looking for a way to improve the visitor experience on your website and collect feedback?

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what the heck is a marketing offer, and what are the qualities of a good one? these include but are not limited to: while the types of offers we mentioned above are all great options for marketing offers, there are a number of qualities that an offer should possess in order for it to be effective for lead generation and nurturing. for example, an offer you’re promoting to generate net new leads at the top of your funnel (like, say, an educational ebook or a webinar) is likely valuable because it educates your prospects and fulfills a need. therefore, on your blog, you should probably place ctas for offers that appeal to people who are just entering the top of your funnel and know little about your company (like an educational webinar, ebook, or kit, for example).

create a spreadsheet that allows you to list the offers you currently have, highlight the holes in your group of offers ( what topic are you missing an offer for that your audience would appreciate? create ctas for each of your offers, and align them with the pages on your website. you could run a promotion for free services or products that would be of interest to your target audience in exchange for them completing a form. use what you know to improve your lead generation and lead nurturing efforts in the future. how many offers are in your back pocket?

on every store page, you will find the latest coupons, free shipping offers and promo codes available to apply at checkout. in addition to browsing the latest deals and coupons and promo codes promoted here on the homepage, you can use our search bar to go straight to your favorite store’s dedicated page. the blog is your ultimate destination for expert insight into the best ways to save at your favorite retailers, restaurants and more. here are a few blogs ready to help you start saving now: yes, is ready to help you save on purchases made in-person at your favorite retailers and restaurants.

in fact, many of the coupons and promo codes featured on can be used on in-store purchases. may offer these services in the future, and we will be sure to share if and when those services become available. your best way to score savings is to visit our store pages where you will find the latest and greatest coupon codes and deals available. whether you’re shopping for apparel online, booking a flight, ordering from a favorite restaurant or signing up for a streaming service, is here to help you find the best ways to lower your cart total. and for expert insight into the best sales to shop, the hottest products on the market and the best hacks to help you save at your favorite retailers, be sure to give our blog a read.

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you want your customers to clearly see what you offer without losing them while they try to figure it out. is there one that stands out to you most when you reflect on your business offers? your customers will naturally gravitate toward what is front and center, what they do not have to go “digging” for. your customers want to know what you are most passionate about. if you have a product that tends to be your best seller, your customers are telling you what they want — and more people will want it, too. your customers will appreciate the clarity that a faq page provides, and may even be able to decide amongst your offers without involving you more. this is the place to share what makes you different from others, and where you can share the transformation or outcome they can only get with your offers.

showcase what your offers include compared to others so they can choose the best option (yours)! ask questions about their pain points (“are you looking for meal plans that help you eat better without costing a fortune or taking a ton of your time?” and provide solutions (“check out our meal delivery plans here”). we believe that having a website free of clutter and distractions is a huge key to your success as a business owner. clearly organizing and displaying your various offers helps your customers find what they are looking for with ease, and makes it easier for you to make the sale! you can see all of our wordpress themes to find one that helps you organize your business online. the dynamic duo ready to help you build a beautiful website and powerful online presence for your business. bluchic creates feminine wordpress themes and landing page templates to help female entrepreneurs and bloggers build a beautiful and professional online presence, so you can grow the profitable business you’ve always dreamed of.