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as the pandemic draws to a close and we begin to return to some semblance of normal, remote workers are starting to consider long-term out-of-office work arrangements. as you can see, the advantages of a work-from-home situation for both the employer and employee are substantial. please inform me which days work best for you and the company, as i am more than willing to compromise on your behalf.

if you feel that any of those traits don’t apply to you, remove them and add more. the terms and conditions of employment/work from home employment are determined according to the applicable agreement. i acknowledge that the approval of said proposal means we will pilot this agreement and that we may make adjustments to reduce my remote work schedule, or i may need to return to work if said agreement fails. links to such third party materials are for your convenience and does not constitute an endorsement of such third party materials.

work from home proposal overview

so, what do you do if you’ve come to enjoy working from home and truly feel that remote work is the future of work, but your employer wants you back in the office? one of the most critical aspects of your proposal to keep working from home should be the business rationale for remote working. this is your chance to debunk some of the myths about working from home—like that workers are less productive and that they miss out by not having face-time with colleagues.

now’s your time to really show how you’ve kept the quality of your work high and produced as steadily at home as you did in the office. let your employer imagine how well you’ll do as a long-term remote worker without all those added distractions and challenges!” even though your company likely dove in headfirst to remote working during the pandemic, that doesn’t mean your employer is ready to go all-in with permanent remote work…yet. “if your personal needs require you to continue working from home because school is partly or fully remote for the foreseeable future, your parents need additional caregiving, or for any reason, it may be acceptable to explain your situation to your manager or hr and ask them for a continued work-from-home arrangement as an accommodation.” however, the career experts recommend being cautious about divulging personal details. think about approaching your manager again in the future to negotiate a permanent work-from-home arrangement.

lockdowns created remote office setups,  virtual meetings, and now, companies around the world are embracing the benefits of remote work to explore foreign markets and build distributed teams. if your company is uncertain about allowing remote work, a remote work proposal can help change your employer’s opinion and grant you the flexibility you’re looking for. when you’re creating a remote work policy to propose to your manager, it’s important to note which types of work are allowed. but if you’re proposing a policy to your manager, you have an opportunity to choose which type of work is best suited for both you and the company. perhaps you live far away from the company office and the commute is disruptive to your life.

when proposing a remote work policy for yourself or your entire company, it’s understandable if your manager and hr representative raise their own concerns. they may ask about your ability to stay committed and productive while working remotely as opposed to the office. for instance, when brand designer sam butz proposed to move to the united kingdom and work remotely, his houston-based branding agency citrus advertising faced a difficult decision. this checklist should determine the location of your work, as well as your work schedule. partnering with a global employer of record (eor) is key to making your remote work policy a success. with the support of our eor solution, you can make your remote work policy a reality.

work from home proposal format

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work from home proposal guide

in spring 2020, offices shut down, forcing employees to transition to a work-from-home lifestyle. if you’re looking to make the transition out of the office in 2023 to go full-time remote with your company, one of the first things you need to prepare is a remote work proposal. before you start writing your proposal, you should jot down some notes on why you want to ditch the office part- or full-time and trade it for a work-from-anywhere lifestyle. in the email, you can write that you want to know the company’s plans for remote work in the future. you can mention that you’re interested in working from home long-term and that you’re curious to hear about the company’s options. remember – it’s critical to convey the benefits that your remote work can bring to the company and predominantly focus on how it would benefit you. and point out that they won’t have to buy your lunch or take you out for post-work drinks. nor will your company have to dish out cash for the electricity you’d use in the office or water consumption.

have you thought about which online platforms you’ll use to convey messages back and forth with your employees? and what times will people in the office be able to communicate with you? this is all quite a bit easier to figure out if you’ve already been using communication tech in the office. it might be a good idea to suggest working the same hours as the rest of the office. it’s beneficial to consider how your home office will look and briefly explain this in your proposal. if you know what your home office looks like, you can ask your employer if you can borrow some gear from work and use it in your home office. will you check in daily? the freedom and flexibility that comes with working remotely can allow you to combine travel and work that simply isn’t possible in the office. start putting together your remote work proposal – there’s no better time than now.