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this guide provides an overview of sponsorships and the elements your proposal should include to attract event sponsors. you want to be sure to present your event so that sponsorship is irresistible! a key message for customers attending the event is the power of a comprehensive approach to security and risk management. you want your sponsorship opportunities to appeal to sponsors and also be helpful for attendees. give your sponsors the opportunity to present to attendees.

enable your sponsors to spark conversation and energize attendees. when building a proposal, you may also want to make note of the qualitative benefits your sponsors will see. if not, you may want to circle back and talk with a couple of your past sponsors to gather usable quotes. if you don’t have past event sponsors who can speak to participating in your events, you can still provide social proof that illustrates the value in partnering. once you have a strong proposal, begin reaching out to your list of potential sponsors with tailored messages.

writing a sponsorship proposal overview

billetto is a ticketing platform that helps you manage, promote, and host events. create your event >> before you can write up an event sponsorship proposal (or event contact potential sponsors in the first place), you need to have a clear definition of you, your event, and your goals. have a clear definition of your personal brand as an event organiser. do you have a track record of putting on successful events in the past? have you worked in a field that has given you transferable skills? once you have a clear definition of your brand, target audience, and unique selling points, you’re in a position to start researching and approaching potential sponsors. you should now have a list of potential sponsors that you can approach. first, you have to find out who the right person to speak to is. (open that link in another tab and get back here to find out how to write your proposal.)

once you’ve got past the gatekeeper and reached the right person in the company, they’ve either asked you to send over a proposal or set up a meeting with you. what is the purpose of the event, and what is your mission as an event organiser? since the visual element of your sponsorship proposal will also play a role in how it’s received, you should consider putting together an infographic for your target audience. if you want people to invest in your event, you need to demonstrate an appropriate level of credibility. that will allow your sponsors to see if you actually know what you’re talking about and whether you’re being realistic. imagine you’re writing a business plan that you want to use to apply for a loan at the bank. there are a number of ready-made—and, more importantly, free—event sponsorship proposal templates that you can use and tweak to suit your event. billetto is a ticketing platform that helps you manage, promote, and host events. remember to customise each proposal.

a sponsorship letter is a fundraising request sent to prospects that offers the recipient an incentive in exchange for a cash or in-kind donation. please include your donation in the self-addressed and stamped envelope included in this letter or come by our offices at [address] to make a contribution. as a leader at your company/small business owner/csr manager, you understand the need for [solutions to a problem that your nonprofit is trying to solve]. show that you both want to help your community and that everyone wins with their sponsorship of your organization, the community included. be specific make it clear in your letter that you’re asking for a sponsorship to fulfill a specific need and not to increase general funding. use that to your advantage and send sponsorship letters to a large selection of prospects. to make a contribution, simply include your gift in the self-addressed and stamped envelope included with this letter or hand-deliver your donation to [sports club address]. you can go to one organization for the food and another for the beverages — just be sure to specify what you need in your request.

be sure to include a few compliments about the food you’re requesting within your sponsorship letter. be specific with your request you auction theme needs to be included within the letter, as well as any items you’re hoping for and items you will not be accepting. regardless of the amount you choose to give, your company name will be included in our event program and you’ll be included in the press release that we’ll publish on our website. while you can outline the details of the different incentive levels in your sponsorship levels document, you can broadly highlight the mutual benefits that come with a donation. for instance, if you want businesses to sponsor a table at your gala or the supplies for a new facility, you should address that information directly. include your email and phone number leave your contact information in the letter so that interested sponsors can contact you to hash out the details. create a hierarchy to make it easier for your donors and your organization, it might be worthwhile to create a hierarchy of giving levels. while you many not be able to list out everything you were able to accomplish down to the last penny, you can give your donors a solid idea of how they contributed to your cause and mission. take a look at our favorite fundraising letters and download your very own templates.

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