grant proposal template

A grant proposal template is a document that shows the ideas and plan of individual or company for winning funds from a government body or private foundation. A sample grant proposal can help business or person to get the grant in an efficient manner.

Grant Proposal Format

Grant proposal need to have an executive summary. In your proposal, it is important to have a summary; An executive summary allows the reader to gain a clear idea of your project without reading through pages of text. It shows the reader at a glance what you are requesting. Many times, especially with regard to a corporate proposal, your proposal will be routed to the appropriate person based on the executive summary. You are always dealing with people who have very little time to waste. They do not have time to read your whole proposal to find out what it is about and what you are requesting of them.

Grant proposal need to state the overall budget for the project, and then state the amount of your request. A funder will not fund every dollar for a project because the funder wants to see an investment by the submitting organization. The funder also wants to see either an in-kind or real dollar investment by the partners. You may discuss your investment in the project in dollar terms and outline the amounts partners are contributing.

Grant Proposal Template

There is free proposal template you can download for reference; however, you may design your own sample grant proposal for your own needs. In the process, you need to consider the grant proposal format, style and outlines.

The first key section in the grant proposal template is proposal summary and background information. In the section, you need to state the amount of funding requested and give the most general description of the use that will be made of the funds. For example, the Project background_____(explanation of the problem that has created the need for the program that will be funded by the requested grant); The evidence that support your claim____(state your evidence); The benefits of your program____.

The second key part in grant proposal sample is project timeline. In the section, you need to include information about how/when funds that are awarded will be spent to support each activity. For example, Activity A____; Timeline of Activity A____; Activity B___; Timeline of activity B___.

The third key part in grant proposal form is budget. In the section, you need to give a detail forecasting budget for your proposal. You need to state how much funding will be required for each category, and how much of that funding will come from the grant request.