research proposal template

Research proposal template is a sample document that usually informs others of a proposed piece of research. A well designed sample research proposal template can help the business or academic researchers to save time in the long run as it give you a overall direction and guidelines.

Research Proposal Format

Research proposal need to have a background and introduction. In the introduction, you need to give a sense of the general field of research of which your area is a part. You then need to narrow to the specific area of your concern. This should lead logically to the gap in the research that you intend to fill.

Research proposal need to have a thesis statement. It is important to know that the thesis statement may only be tentative at this stage as the research has not been carried out. It is not expected in a proposal that you have an answer to your research question. This is what the thesis provides. However, it helps if you have a tentative answer.

Research Proposal Template

There are free proposal templates you can download for reference; however, you may customize the template for your own needs. In the process of designing your own sample proposal, it is important to consider the proposal format, style and the key elements.

The first key part in the research proposal template is the research question. The research question may not be a question as such, but rather a statement of a problem to be investigated. For example, the general area is:____; The specific research areas is:___; The gap is:____; The research question is:___.

The second key part in research proposal sample is the literature review and justification. In the section, the researcher need to suggests that writers need to tell the reader that the why the questions are important and the past theories and findings in this area.

The third key part in research proposal example is theoretical framework and your contribution. The theoretical framework usually forms the final part of the literature review section. It describes the model that you are using in the thesis to demonstrate your point. you outline how your research will make a change to an area of study. This is different from the justification of your research. The justification explains why the research should be done. The contribution section explains how what you will do will lead to certain outcomes. The last key part is your research plan and timetable. For example, Introduction:____(State the duration); Literature review:____; Data Analysis:____; Conclusions and Implications:___.